What to use for Cleaning Stamps.

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This is a dirty subject but we must tackle it anyway! Let’s take a few minutes to talk about cleaning! We have to keep our stamps clean, right!?

Stampin' Scrub

There are several ways to keep your stamps clean. This is a “most definitely” tool in my paper crafting toolbox! The Stampin’ Scrub Why?…

  • It is compact for easy storage and it already contains the 2 cleaning pads…one for cleaning and on for drying your stamps. The pads can be removed for washing.
  • You do have to use Stampin’ Mist on one side for cleaning. You leave the other side dry to dry off your stamps. (Video coming soon!)

The products used with the Stampin’ Scrub are Stampin’ Mist and StazOn Cleaner.

Stampin' Mist
StazOn Cleaner

If you use any StazOn ink in your rubber stamping, this is a “MUST have” item – StazOn Cleaner.

  • Stāzon Cleaner
  • Using Stāzon Cleaner minimizes staining on your red rubber stamps.
  • NOTE: recommended to clean with Stampin’ Mist after using this cleaner
Simply Shammy

Another way to make your stamp cleaning effortless with the Simply Shammy!

  • You just need the Simply Shammy and just add water. (Ex. Dirty stamp, wipe stamp on shammy, clean stamp!)
  • NOTE: The shammy will stain, but does not transfer to other stamps or fingers. I use mine in a stamp case.

If you need or want any of the stamp cleaning products, just click on the highlighted name to shop now.

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