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What Does Creative Block and CoVid 19 have in common?

What do creative block and CoVid 19 have in common? They have nothing in common, and everything in common, and nothing in common. Well, in my opinion they have very much to do with each other. I will start by saying that I am not in the medical profession in any way shape of form, this is just my other thoughts and what I have been going through.

Let me count the ways. I have numbered these paragraphs to help me write this post, but to show you how my brain is functioning these days. My realization is that there are probably many people out here that are on this same path that I am. They might be behind me, they might be a head of me, or they might be flanking me on my left side or my right side. We are not going through this alone, we are all walking through this together. We will get through this, one way or another!

  1. I have been in a creative block for the last couple of weeks are so with no luck hitting my main standbys for inspiration and motivation. I have looked by at some old cards I have created, old catalog samples, current catalogs, looked at some of my stamp sets and card stock, and still nothing. I mean NOTHING!
  2. While I am woking on paragraph 1 my mind is here in paragraph 2. I am worrying about my family and friends during this pandemic, but I am also worrying about my fellow demonstrator friends, and what about all the people that I have not met that are going totally bonkers trying to figure out different things that they can do for themselves or for their family to help with the craziness. What is all of these going to do to our population, to our economy. What is going to be our “new” way of living. This totally adds to the NOTHING!
  3. As I am tying to do paragraph 1 with no success, and thinking about all the things in paragraph 2 and much more. I’m also here in paragraph 3. (Do you realize how much we multi task in our brains at one time?!) How long do we have to wait? Where did he or we come in contact? Does he have it? Do I have it and just not showing any symptoms and he got it from me? The list of questions in my head go on. Go to paragraph 5 after reading paragraph 4.
  4. March 19, 2:30 a.m. I am woken up, “Honey I don’t feel well, we need to go to the house. I am not going to be quarantined in the camper.” (The camper is the home away from home that is set up near the current job site.) 4:00 a.m. we are on the way to the house. 6:20 a.m. arrive home. Wait until 8:00 to call the doctor. Afternoon appointment. Flu test…negative. Blood work…white cell count high equals antibiotics. But what does this mean? Don’t know. CoVid19 test….we will contact you when we get the results back. Back to paragraph 3. (Okay, I start to freak out a little in my head, but I will not allow myself to verbalize it…everything is going to be okay?) Take a look at paragraph 7 after reading 5 and 6.
  5. So we wait for the test results…should be 48 hours. Okay, now there are 4 other co-workers waiting on his test results to see if they can go to work. 48 hours, no news, day 3, 4, 5, still no new, day 6, 7, 8, he seems to be feeling a little better?
  6. Okay, he seem to be feeling better, but how am I feeling? Headache, stuffy head, a little sneezing. Am I running a fever at all? There is a whole lot of green/yellow stuff (however you want to say it), there is pollen all over the place.
  7. OMG, what am I going to tell his girls? Do I tell them he is not feeling well or wait to see what happens? Do I suggest that he contact them? What do we tell his mother, my mother, his sister? And the list goes one.

Fast Forward to today. His test result was negative. One of the guys he works with came back negative. Which in turn means that all can go back to work yesterday. Stay-at-home, no travel, essential workers only equates to me staying at the house rather than going to the camper.

I talked to a good friend, mentor, coach, yesterday that helped me get my mojo back. Yesterday and today, my “to do” list consisted of cleaning, straightening the “Florida” room. Moving the plants outside on the back deck. Also getting the kitchen cleaned up. Today, I had to tackle the office/craft room which really was not too terribly bad. This is my birthday gift to myself.

Speaking of birthday’s, tomorrow I am going to show you a cute card that I created for an awesome and amazing friend who’s birthday happens to be on April 1st. If you know anyone that has a birthday tomorrow, celebrate them, celebrate their day. I bet like my friend they are awesome people. Celebrate them, do not belittle them or humiliate them. Each of us have the day that we were born. Come back tomorrow to see the card that I created for her.

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