Tool Talk – Mini Glue Dots

Tool Talk

Time to do a little Tool Talk. Today let’s take a minute or two and talk about Mini Glue Dots.

Stampin' Up! Mini Glue Dots

Mini Glue Dots are a staple item in my toolbox. Why?…

  • They bond instantly to a variety of materials. (Ex: Ribbon, cardstock, jewels that don’t have adhesive, etc.) NOTE: be very careful when you are using them to place them exactly where you want them. It is difficult to remove them from cardstock because it will remove some of the cardstock.
  • They are very easy to use!
  • They are photo safe, meaning that using mini glue dots will not damage your photos.

Mini Glue Dots Trick: When applying glue dots, the best way is to press your project against the Glue Dot disperser. (VIDEO COMING SOON!) You don’t have to, or even want to, touch the glue dots at all!

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