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RANT – Driving, Rain, Windshield Wipers, Headlights!

rain with wipers

rain with wipers

PEOPLE! COME ON, TURN THEM ON! This post is derived from me driving 4 plus hours in the rain yesterday morning and afternoon (all daylight hours). Maybe we, as a society, should concentrate a little more on getting a law passed in EVERY STATE, (rain + wipers = LIGHTS!) rather than some of the issues that are currently being discussed.

This is just my own opinion, rain + wipers = lights, it falls into the DUH! “common sense” catagory! Come on people, if it is raining hard enough that you have to turn on your windshield wipers to see the road, turn on your &$@! lights. Okay, let’s make this a little more clear, I’m speaking about during daylight hours (don’t get me started about nighttime driving and lights…that is a whole different bandwagon). I am not talking about just having your daytime running lights on, I have mine set to that little “auto” thingy where my lights are on when I start my vehicle. Did you know that many of the vehicles on the roads these day have that same capability?…they do, really, I am not fibbing about that. But what I am actually saying here is to make sure you lights are on, HEADLIGHTS and TAIL LIGHTS.

Hey, believe me, I know when I turn my on my lights (and I actually do turn the switch to the ON position when I turn my wipers on), it does not do squat for me seeing. Meaning, it does not help me see the road any better or even see the vehicle in front of me, but GUESS WHAT…it gives YOU the opportunity to SEE ME! I personally do not want to run into the back of someone because I can’t see them, and I &^#$ sure don’t want someone to run into the back of me.

I know that you have all noticed this before, depending on the color of a vehicle, how hard it is raining, and the topography, a vehicle can easily blend into the surroundings. If you have your lights on (headlights and tail lights) you have a greater chance of being seen!

With that being said, let’s chat about what being seen means. WELL, if you a seen, that reduces the chance of being involved in an accident or crash. Who wants to be involved in a crash?…I would hope nobody. NOT ME…been there, done that, got the t-shirt, don’t want another one!!!

Oh, and let’s talk effort and time! REALLY?…do you think it takes more effort or time to turn on the lights. I bet you, it take the same amount of effort and time to turn on those lights that it does to turn on the windshield wipers. REALLY, I mean that. I dare you, I double dog dare you to try it out!!!!

So let’s just sum it up:

  • Rain + Wipers = TURN ON LIGHTS (headlights and tail lights)
  • Headlights and tail lights ON =
    • greater chance of being seen
    • less chance of being involved in a crash

Okay, rant said. Just turn on your lights and make it safer out there for both you and I. What are your thoughts on this matter…leave a comment. Oh and please feel free to share this post.

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