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Thinking of You Cards

All of us are dealing with COVID19 in some sort of fashion and what better time to do random acts of kindness. Yesterday I sent out an email to my mailing list challenging them to do their own random act of kindness by sending out just 7 “Thinking of You” card. So I extend that challenge to any of you reading this post.

I had someone ask me why did I pick 7 as the number? There was not much thought to it, just because there are 7 days in the week. That could be that you send out a card each day of the week, or get all of your cards ready in one day.

That person also asked who could I send them to? I came up with a list with a little brainstorming.

  1. A family member that you have not corresponded with in a while.
  2. A friend that you have not corresponded with in a while.
  3. A family member that lives alone.
  4. A friend that lives alone.
  5. A friend you saw yesterday.
  6. A family member you saw last week.
  7. Someone that just got married.
  8. Someone that has a birthday coming up (make it a birthday wish too).
  9. Someone that had a new arrival in their family (baby or fur baby).
  10. An old school/college friend.
  11. A former co-worker.
  12. A current co-worker.
  13. Someone that you know that works as a first responder (law enforcement, fire, ems, doctor, nurse, etc.).
  14. Someone that you know that is in the military.

I bet you would have not problem at all coming up with people that you could send a “Think of You” card. I would love to hear if you accept this challenge to send out 7 cards this week. Leave a comment.

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