How should I store my stamps for an extended period of time?

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I am in the process of doing some renovations in my home. I need to store my stamp sets for an extend period of time. What suggestions do you have on protecting them?


First, when you have to store your stamp sets the most important thing to keep in mind is temperature control. When storing any of your paper crafting and rubber stamping supplies, you should always keep temperature control in mind. A spare room or closet space to store your stamp sets would be the most ideal situation. The next best suggestion would be a climate controlled storage unit.

Places to stay away from if at all possible are attics and basements or cellars because of the possibility of extreme temperatures. The reason being is that extreme heat and extreme cold could damage your stamps and cases. The cases might warp and the adhesive on the stamps may be affected. If any possible way do not store your stamp sets in extreme temperatures.

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