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Does your craft room ever look like this?

Messy Stamping Room

Does your craft room ever look like this? I hate to really admit it, but yes, that is a photo of Jill’s Stamping Corner craft room. Believe me when I say it has even looked much worse! And I wonder when it looks like a tornado hit it why I have a hard time trying to create. Really, could you create a project in the room?

Truth be known, this is what it looked like during the holidays. What I did not show in this photo was the number of holiday containers (ornaments, linen, decorations, etc.) that I had to move even to get to my stamping desk. December 26th I said “NO MORE” and was able to spend a couple of hours or so getting it all straight. I was able to get in there and not only clean up, do some rearranging, but in addition I was able to cleaning out some things.

Keep your stamping area neat.

My new plan (and maybe a plan for you also), which I already have implemented, is to put away all my supplies after each project I create. So far it has really helped me a lot. In addition to keeping my stamping area clean and neat, for me, it has also enabled the creativity to continue flowing.

Clean Stamping Room

Leave a comment as to which room you would rather do your stamping in, photo 1 or photo 2? Also add if you like the idea of cleaning up after each project?

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